Digital Transformation Technology Services

Welcome to the home of Anagha Group on the digital space! Anagha Group is a digital transformation consulting organization to serve your business consulting, technology transformation, and data services needs.

Our strategic and service offerings in Cloud computing, Data management (Big data / Analytics), DevOps, Digital transformation, Integration services, IoT,  Security, and UI/UX can help leapfrog your organization to the next level by meeting the information needs of the enterprise.

We have thought leadership, subject matter expertise, and deep business knowledge in various industry verticals and technology areas. Our partners add strategic value in new areas such as big data streams, block chain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

Whether you are a business leader (CEO, CSO) or a technology leader (CIO, CDO, CISO), our services can help transform your organization.

Service Offerings

Anagha Group provides a range of technology services including Digital Transformation consulting, Cloud computing, Data science and management, Big data and Analytics, Internet of Things, Enterprise solutions, and UI/UX services.

Whether you are working on a strategic cloud migration initiative or a legacy software transformation to mobile enable your employees, customers and partners, we are here to help right from the concept validation to enterprise build and cloud deployment.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation consulting and services are the top priorities of CxOs today. Your legacy systems can be transformed to modern, mobile-centered digital services in short time frames in a phased manner. We will analyze and choose the right platforms and tools for your digital transformation needs resulting in significant cost savings.

Cloud Computing

Businesses are cloud enabling their businesses in break neck pace to meet their customer demands and optimize technology budgets. Our experts at Anagha Group can plan, design, migrate, deploy and maintain your cloud application loads – irrespective of  size.

While Amazon web Services (AWS) leads the cloud space, we can service Microsoft Azure cloud, Google cloud, or other private / hybrid clouds depending on your needs.

Data Science

Our data science and data management experts are ready to handle any type of big data loads and make sense of it in near real time for business decision making. We use and support many big data handling and analytics tools and technologies to suit your specific business requirements.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT and IIoT (Internet of Industrial Things) have gained significant traction in the past few years. Whether you are a healthcare organization leveraging IoT devices or manufacturing and distribution enterprise deploying industrial grade sensors and devices for measuring, tracking, controlling, and alerting industrial processes, we can help to decide, plan, integrate, deploy and maintain such systems.

User Interface / User Experience (UI / UX)

In this digital age, no one reads manuals and take long training sessions to use a software – whether it is in the enterprise or consumer space. Simple, elegant, easy to use user interfaces (UI) increase the user experience (UX) significantly. Multi screen usage is key to the seamless operations of any software. Simple UI and great UX leads to enhanced user engagement.



Anagha Group services and supports various technology stacks and needs of our customers including open stack and proprietary technologies.

Open Source

We are experienced in various open source technology stacks including LAMP and MEAN stacks. Open source technologies are greatly leveraged by businesses across the spectrum to cut infrastructure and maintenance costs. Most popular cloud technologies leverage open source software and tools.

Our expertise includes the following open source technologies: Linux, Node.js, Python, R, PHP, Apache, Tomcat, MySql, PostgreSQL,  various JavaScript frameworks (such as Angular JS, Backbone, JQuery), Highcharts, D3, Apache Spark, Twitter Huron, Distributed / NoSQL databases (Hadoop, MongoDB).

Microsoft Technologies

Many midsize and enterprise businesses use proprietary platforms such as Microsoft.  We have strong development experience in .Net and SQL Server based tools and technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics is also a popular CRM (customer relationship management) software suite used by small and medium businesses. We can evaluate, plan, configure and deploy Dynamics for your needs. is a leading cloud based CRM (customer relationship management) software platform used by mid sized and enterprise customers. Our experts can implement, customize and train your instance.

Your custom software can be developed by our experienced professionals using platform provided by Salesforce.

Cloud Platforms

Anagha Group’s cloud experts provide architecture, configuration, security and maintenance services for private cloud(ex. Cisco), public cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) and hybrid cloud scenarios.

About Us

Anagha Group is operated and managed by a team of professionals with decades of experience in the Information Technology industry with expertise in Fortune 500 corporations, small and medium businesses and innovative startups.

We, as a team, have served the needs of businesses in various verticals including Automotive, Building materials, Consumer packaged goods, Digital services, Distribution services, Franchise systems, Healthcare and Health information technology, Manufacturing, Marketing services, and Retail among others.

Our customers are spread over Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas regions across various domains.

Following are some of the key areas of our expertise:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Partner relationship management (PRM)
  • Customer loyalty management
  • Big data, insights and business analytics
  • Franchise systems management
  • IoT integration, deployment and maintenance
  • Digital marketing and Marketing automation


Welcome to Anagha Group!

Welcome to Anagha Group’s new home on the digital space! Watch this space for updates on our service and technology offerings in digital transformation for enterprises. Anagha Group provides business consulting, technology consulting, digital transformation, cloud architecture and migration, big data and analytics, and UI / UX services for enterprise customers. Our cloud services include …